Dating expert shares things people do when they're not romantically interested

Dating expert shares things people do when they're not romantically interested
'The triangle method': The dating tactic guaranteed entice your crush
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Dating in 2023 has been interesting, to say the least. Not only are singletons required to get behind an ever-growing dictionary of terms, but there's also the risk of burning out from dating app fatigue.

Now, one TikTok user has blown up on the platform for sharing six straightforward points that indicate she's just not that into you.

Sarah Lauren (@sarahlauren71) racked up 6.5 million views by shedding light on the things "girls do when they don't like you".

In the clip titled 'Big sister advice here' Sarah starts by saying if they don't want to do anything one-on-one, it's because they want to "put you in the friend zone".

Her second point lifts the lid on the 'busy excuses,' when a person suggests they have a lot going on in their life, in order to shut down a conversation or a date. "It means I’m trying to avoid you, sorry, I do not wanna prioritize you in my time right now," she said.

Sarah then said if you're faced with constant avoidance and being consistently turned down, "the hangout is never actually gonna happen." She also suggested if a woman takes too long to respond and "not matching your reply time, she doesn't like you".


big sister advice here #fyp

The TikToker concluded with two more points, including if that if the woman suggests you "hook up with someone else" or if she "picks arguments on the littlest things," she's not romantically interested.

Her clip was soon inundated with thousands of comments from fellow users, with one writing: "We are so obvious when it comes to not liking a guy."

Another joked: "What does «blocked» mean, is this a sign that she’s playing hard to get?"

Meanwhile, a third suggested: "I'm a girl! The first one is wrong! Spending time in a group makes it easier and less nervous when a date comes!"

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