A woman screamed so loudly at a spider that her neighbours called the police

A woman screamed so loudly at a spider that her neighbours called the police

Finding spiders in your home is, for many, an unpleasant experience. Some people choose violence immediately, whereas others bravely capture and evict them. The less fearful amongst us resign themselves to the fact they now have to co-exist with an eight-legged housemate.

For Hollie Hunter, however, her spider encounter attracted the attention of five

The 30-year-old from Livingston, Scotland screamed so loudly at a spider, which was reportedly the ‘size of the palm of her hand,’ that her neighbours called the police.

Hunter said she had just spent 40 minutes trying to get rid of a moth when she found that an eight-legged arachnid had taken up residence at the foot of her bed.

“I’d honestly say it was the size of the palm of my hand,” she told Edinburgh Evening News.

Horrified, she threw books at it and when it ran towards her, she screamed and started running to different rooms of the house.

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“I think I was screaming and crying and making such a racket that my neighbour thought I was being attacked.”

When the doorbell rang, she expected to see her stepdad. Instead, five burly policemen were on her doorstep.

When the police asked if anyone else was there, she said: “No, just me and the spider.”

Luckily the police helped Hollie and even lifted her mattress to try and catch the elusive intruder. When the spider “strolled” out into the hallway, a policeman swiftly escorted the offending creepy-crawly out.

In a Facebook post after the incident, she said: “Never been so mortified in my whole life.”

She was glad the police saw the funny side of it and added that she thinks it’s time she sought help for her phobias.

A spokesman for Police Scotland told Edinburgh Evening News: “Around 10.20 pm on Monday, 30th August, we received a report of a disturbance within a property in Livingston.

“Officers attended and the disturbance was found to have been about a spider being in the house.”

They added: “Suitable advice and assistance was provided and the spider was located and removed.”

With sex-starved spiders invading our homes as their mating season gets underway, we have a feeling the emergency services may have to deal with several similar incidents in weeks to come.

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