<p>The woman covered up their flag with spray paint</p>

The woman covered up their flag with spray paint

Instagram/ @jasmine_mar58

An American woman has sparked a backlash after painting over a young couple’s Pride artwork.

The unknown woman was filmed by two teenage girls after she graffitied “pray for our country” over their Pride flags and embarked on a massive rant about them “expressing themselves”.

Posting on Instagram, Jasmine Martinez said: “We spray painted Pride flags on the bridge and then this Karen came and harassed us and called me and my girl immigrants and proceeded to paint over our work.”

The video footage indeed appears to corroborate this claim. When they asked what the woman was doing, she said: “I’m coming over here to paint over your sh*t.”

She added that the girls didn’t pay taxes and that she was “sick” of LGBTQ+ representation. She also claimed the girls were just trying to “stand out”.

Reacting to the footage, people expressed their support for the couple and slammed the woman for her actions.

One person commented: “This is awful. Really impressed with how y’all stood your ground”.

Another said: “That’s absolutely disgusting. I’m sorry you were treated like that by such a hateful person.

A third wrote: “Insanely sorry this happened to you. I hope you know that you didn’t deserve any of it, and you especially didn’t deserve to be HARASSED by a grown woman as two minors”.

And others offered to help them repaint the flag.

In an interview with WBIR after the incident, one of the girls said: “We wanted people to know they’re not alone. When I was in middle school I would have loved to see these flags and see all these people supporting us.”

They added on Instagram that they intended to repaint it.

Indeed, in a follow-up post the girls revealed people had come to help them repaint the flag, with “love is love” written on top. Posting on Instagram, Martinez wrote: “Today’s turnout was amazing! We got to spray paint TWO trucks and the bridge turned out great. Thank you all for coming out to join us!”

And they were praised by people on social media. Someone commented: “Thank you for doing what’s right.”

Another said: “This is so awesome.”

We hope the reactions shows the woman in question that her views are not welcome in 2021.

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