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A story about a nightmare boss has got people cringing.

Quinn Cummings, an author who used to be a Hollywood talent agent, decided to share a particularly horrifying story about a time she was assistant to a famous talent agent.

The story, which she has dubbed the “worst decision” she ever made in the office, begins with a bit of context.

As a talent agent, she worked for a woman called Susan Smith, who ran an agency and who was incredibly good at her job. She was also, Cummings revealed, very difficult to work with.

She shared the story of a particularly stressful ordeal that occurred whilst under her employment.

Cummings had been her assistant for just six months at the time. Smith had a high turnover of staff, with one law graduate going to "move his car" 90 minutes into his first day and "never coming back".

“I'm sure you're thinking, ‘Quinn, it's the entertainment industry, they are all insane,’" she began.

Yes, many are. So consider this; if you told someone you worked for Susan, people who worked for insane people would look and you and whisper, ‘I hear she's insane.’

Quinn said that for all her shortcomings, Smith loved her clients – including actors Kathy Bates and Brian Dennehy.

Dennehy had been desperate to act in Death of a Salesmen, and after some expert wrangling from Smith, he got to go to Broadway, and ended up winning a Tony for his performance. Cummings thought that Smith would finally, finally be happy.

Except Dennehy forgot to thank her.

It turns out, Cummings had the perfect photo. There was a picture on Smith's side-table in her office. It was perfect.

So, was Smith happy? Eh... not so much.

The reaction online was sympathetic...

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