Imagine in 2000 when the first Pokemon movie was released, that 19 years later a live action movie named Detective Pikachu would be hitting cinemas.

Well, that isn't some sort of wild fantasy dreamt up by Pokemon fanatics, it's actually something that is going to happen next year and to make things even better (or weirder) Pikachu will be voiced by the internet's favourite actor, Ryan Reynolds.

It's hard to really comprehend but in this unlikely buddy cop movie, Reynolds voices Pikachu, who can actually talk now, who teams up with Justice Smith to investigate the disappearance of the latter's father.

Once again this is a real movie and while we all have to wait a few months for this film to actually arrive, I think we can all agree that Reynolds' announcement tweet for the trailer was something special and typically self-deprecating.

Not long after the 42-year-old star shared the video Twitter was awash with fans gushing over the clip.

There were more than a few references to another pop culture character that Reynolds is known for.

Others weren't quite so sure about what they saw but at least it inspired some good jokes.

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