These are the countries that drink the most wine, mapped

These are the countries that drink the most wine, mapped
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The UK is a nation of wine drinkers – be it dry, fruity; heavy or light, Brits simply love the pretentions of drinking the posh alcoholic beverage.

Christmas has no doubt increased its consumption, but how do we fare in comparison to other countries worldwide?

MoveHub has just the infographic.

They used data from Wine Institute, which looked at the consumption of wine per person with the price of a standard bottle, and calculated the average amount each person spends on wine every year.

Here are the results:


Switzerland has the highest consumption of wine by far, with the Swiss spending over £500 per year on the beverage. Iceland closely follows with £200-£300, and the UK, in comparison, spends £100-£200 on wine per year.

North America

Canada and the US spend a comfortable £200-£300, whereas Mexicans spend just £5-£20.

Central America

People living in Central America tend not to spend money on wine, with the exception of the Cayman Islands. There, people spend a whopping £400-£500 on wine per year.

South America

Argentina spends between £100 and £200 on wine per year, however the rest of South America remain largely light on the wine purchases.


Much of Africa has no data, partially because many of its countries are Muslim which makes access to alcohol difficult.


Central Asia and Australia

Australians are big wine drinkers, and spend on average £200 to £300 on wine.

The Marshall Islands have the most expensive wine, at £18.91 per bottle, followed by Indonesia (£17.81) and Iceland (£16.86).

Togo and Ethiopia sell the cheapest wine, at just £1.30 and £1.54 per bottle, respectively.

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