People are sharing their worst first date stories and they're brutal


First dates can go one way or the other.

They are either great and you can't wait to see that person again.

Or they could be a complete disaster and the prospect of seeing the same person can only lead to further embarrassment.

The best thing about bad dates is that they are often so awful that they are hilarious and make a great story.

Realising this American chat show host Jimmy Fallon put a call out on Twitter for people to share their #WorstFirstDate experiences, with a chance of the story appearing on his show.

Just to get the ball rolling, Fallon told the tale of a badly chosen restaurant.

The stories began flooding in from there and some of them were so ridiculous you would swear they were from a Hollywood rom-com.

That's just a small selection of some of the best. To see more just check out the #WorstFirstDate hashtag on Twitter.

If you'd like to see which ones made The Tonight Show cut check out the clip below.

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