People are shocked by this old X Factor clip showing Simon Cowell 'fat shaming' a contestant

Love it or hate it, ITV's The X Factor has been one of the biggest British TV shows of the last two decades.

While the show's star may be fading, there was a time where it was highly influential and widely watched. Yet, as an old resurfaced clip has shown, this doesn't mean that certain things were acceptable.

Twitter users have been dismayed by an old clip from an early series of the show. During the clip, a female contestant is relentlessly criticised on her appearance.

Although she is eventually voted through to the next round, she is told to "go on a diet".

Twitter users were astonished by the clip, which would cause uproar if it happened today.

Though others suggested that this is merely a brutal representation of what the music industry was like then.

indy100 has contacted ITV for comment.

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