Man dissolves after falling into Yellowstone Park hot spring

Man dissolves after falling into Yellowstone Park hot spring
How Dangerous Are Hot Springs at Yellowstone?
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Yellowstone National Park is known for many things.

Its size, the local fauna & flora, the sights - and also the dangers that lurk within. If you've ever needed a stark warning about the danger hiding in natural beauty, then you might not be able to beat this.

The famous National Park is also known for its geothermal activity, including geysers. These are also hot springs, plenty of which are deadly.

A man, Colin Scott, found this out in tragic circumstances after attempting an in-and-out 'hot drop' in one of the springs, which turned out to be something that the BBC called a 'boiling acidic pool'.

The incident, which occurred in June 2016, saw Scott and his sister looking for an area to have a soak - and when he reached down to test the water, he slipped into the deadly water. Rescue teams were alerted, but could not initially retrieve it due to conditions on the night.

The following day, Scott's body had dissolved to the extent that a rescue team could not recover any amount of significant remains.

"In a very short order, there was a significant amount of dissolving," said Lorant Veress (Yellowstone's deputy chief ranger at the time) to local news.

And worse, the accident was recorded on the victim's sister's mobile phone - and authorities did not share or describe the video due to its ghastly and distressing contents out of sheer respect for the family of Colin Scott.

Rangers have warned of the danger and used the incident to flag the threat of the area, one that contains the Yellowstone 'supervolcano', which heats the thermal pools.

"There's a closure in place to protect people from doing that for their own safety. It's a very unforgiving environment," added Veress.

If you're travelling - please heed local warnings, tips and advice. Also, never, ever place your body parts into boiling water.

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