Nine-year-old heads to college after graduating high school early

Nine-year-old heads to college after graduating high school early
Navigating the Job Market as a College Graduate

A nine-year-old boy from Pennsylvania has successfully graduated high school and will now be on his way to college.

David Balogun's impressive achievement now makes him one of the youngest children to ever graduate, according to He has since started classes at Bucks County Community College.

His parents Henry and Ronya said their son was "extremely curious about knowing things" from a young age, which "prepared him" for academic success.

With a keen interest in science computer programming, David expressed his desire to pursue a career as an astrophysicist.

Speaking to Fox 43, David acknowledged his work ethic, saying he knew it was possible if he put the effort in.

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"I realised that I [was] able to graduate at the age of ten or nine as long as I put the effort in, and with the help of my mom, dad and, of course, Reach Cyber Charter School I was able to graduate.

"I wanted to do it because I had the ability to do it. So why not use those abilities for the greater good? I want to be an astrophysicist, and study black holes and supernovas."

He now wants to inspire others to do the same, saying there was an "opportunity to show that I’m not the only one who can do this."

His parents, who both have degrees, opened up about the challenges of raising a child with such an extraordinary intellect to WGAL.

"I had to get outside of the box," Ronya told the outlet. "Playing pillow fights when you’re not supposed to, throwing the balls in the house. He’s a nine-year-old with the brain that has the capacity to understand and comprehend a lot of concepts beyond his years and sometimes beyond my understanding."

David will receive his high school diploma in June.

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