YouTube 'time traveler' predicts major changes for 2019


If you haven’t heard of Noah the time traveller, what have you been doing with your life?

If you aren’t up to speed, a man named Noah has been blessing YouTube with his predictions from the future after claiming to be a time traveller. Recently he gave his predictions on what a map of America will look like in 2030 and how the Philippines will form a mega-country next decade.

But he’s not done there. Noah has returned to give more terrifying predictions.

Noah has predicted that the next war will be with North Korea and that humans will begin to be plugged into computers – just like in the Matrix movies. Apparently this technology will eventually cause humans to become immortal. He also predicts that we’ll see a “giant” spike in UFO sightings in January 2019. In February, there will be a giant snowstorm. In June, a new discovery will allow disabled people to walk again.

Noah claims things he’s predicted have already come to pass, like the death of Steven Hawking. As for politics, he predicts that the granddaughter of Martin Luther King will eventually become president at some point.

Finally, he warns that the government are after him, fearful of the secrets he’ll reveal.

If I stop appearing in the future, if I ever disappear all of a sudden, trust me, it’s something bad

I’ve set off so many alarms that I feel like my time to be caught by the government is pretty soon. They will find me and eventually take me somewhere. I don’t know where.

Seems legit.

H/T: Daily Dot

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