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You might remember Zach Braff starred as the wise-cracking doctor, J.D. from long-running comedy series Scrubs.

The original version of the show hasn't been on our screens since 2010, but we still think of J.D. whenever we need a voice over to confirm that everything is going to be ok.

Since then Braff has of course gone on to star in a host of other TV shows and movies, as well as directing a couple of his own.

However, it appears that in Russia the love for J.D. is still strong - at least in the world of erection pill advertisements.

On Wednesday, Braff shared an image on his Twitter account of himself as J.D. on a strange advert, which he obviously had no prior knowledge about.

We're not sure if Zach can read Russian, but he was soon told on Twitter what the ad was promoting.

People couldn't get enough of it.

Only days before, Zach discovered that he was being used to advertise computer repairs in Russia, which opened an entirely different can of worms.

It's not just the Scrubs cast who are unknowingly advertising products either.

Undoubtedly the most disturbing are these Brangelina and George Clooney gravestones. Wow....

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