Video shows Gemma Collins falling off a stage and the internet can't handle it

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Sunday 22 October 2017 15:15
Picture:(@IDGAFDlNAH/Twitter screengrabs)

On Sunday, appearing a the Radio One Teen Awards, TOWIE star Gemma Collins fell into a hole on the stage.

The moment, regrettably for her, was captured by one of the many camera phones in the audience.

It's ok Gemma. Everybody falls down sometimes.

It happened while presenting the award for Best TV Show (spoilers, Love Island won).

Gemma Collins (centre) is helped up by fellow hosts at the Radio One Teen Awards. (Picture: Rex Features)(Rex Features)

She was lifted out of the hole in the stage and apologised to the crowd.

Oh my god I'm so sorry about that. This is live. This is what happens


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