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2022 has been another chaotic year for the Conservative government as they have put the country through three Prime Ministers, countless government ministers in different roles and a myriad of scandals.

Labour MP Angela Eagle perfectly summed up the permacrisis of government while grilling chancellor Jeremy Hunt, listing every failure to take place over the last year.

It occurred during a Treasury select committee hearing, where Hunt answered questions about his budget announced last week in which he announced £55 billion of tax rises.

At the committee, Eagle didn’t mince her words, saying: “Chancellor, this year alone your party has given us three prime ministers, four chancellors, four different versions of the Conservative government and six fiscal events.

“One hundred and forty-seven members of the government, including 32 cabinet ministers, have resigned or been sacked.

“What effect do you think this chaos has had on our economic prospects and our international reputation?”

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In response, Hunt blamed the energy crisis resulting from Russia’s war in Ukraine and the effects of the pandemic as the “primary” cause of instability.

Hunt said: “I wish we hadn’t had that level of instability, but I produced an autumn statement that is designed to restore economic stability and consistency of economic policymaking and I hope we can turn the page on all that instability.”

Eagle argued that given the economic issues globally, it was an even more ridiculous time for the previous chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng to be “self-indulgent” after his budget made the value of the pound plummet.

When Hunt suggested that this year the country has had the biggest growth in the G7, but Eagle joked that she hoped he wasn’t advocating for doing it every year as a mechanism for growth.

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