Moment Angela Rayner's mum calls and interrupts her mid-interview

Moment Angela Rayner's mum calls and interrupts her mid-interview
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Parents can make you cringe at any age or stage in life, whether you are being dropped off at the school gate or doing some very important work.

That's what Angela Rayner found out when her mother called her during an interview with Channel 4 to congratulate her on her performance during the Labour Party conference.

In a video of the incident posted by the broadcaster, the deputy Labour leader told her mum she was "in the middle of a media round" after answering a call.

She added: "My mum never rings me something must be really up with her."

"I'll give you a ring back when I finish the media round," she continued.

"I was just congratulating you, you did well," her mother replied.

"Thank you," Rayner replied and said she would give her a call back after the interview.

The clip of the call, which Rayner shared on Twitter/X, has gone viral and has been viewed some 950,000 times at the time of writing.

And you thought your mum was embarrassing...

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