DeSantis thanks Biden for hurricane aid as president visits Florida

Joe Biden has been caught swearing on a hot mic, and some might say it’s the most badass thing he’s done so far in his presidency.

The President met with Fort Myers Beach mayor Ray Murphy on Wednesday and was heard saying: “No one f***s with a Biden.”

The context the comment was made isn't 100 per cent clear from the footage which has since gone viral, but the mayor seemed to agree with the sentiment.

“Yeah, you’re goddamn right,” Murphy replied.

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Biden was in Fort Myers, Florida to witness the impact of Hurricane Ian and the recovery taking place in the city.

The president also reportedly took part in a press conference with Governor Ron DeSantis. Later, he was also heard telling Murphy

Biden also said “you can’t argue with your brother outside the house," and it could all be a reference to his interaction with DeSantis.

The pair had an amicable meeting and put on a united front, despite the governor being tipped by some to run as the Republican challenger against Biden in 2024.

It’s not the first time Biden has been caught swearing on mic. Back in 2010, the then vice president introduced Barack Obama after he introduced his health care bill.

"This is a big f***ing deal" he said, with his mic still on.

2010: Biden drops

Biden joined DeSantis at Fisherman’s Wharf to speak to several groups of residents before attending a briefing with Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Deanne Criswell this week.

DeSantis thanked Biden and his administration at the briefing for the significant federal assistance the president has authorised since just before Ian arrived in the state.

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