Dover MP suggests they've benefited from Brexit due to all the extra paperwork

Dover MP suggests they've benefited from Brexit due to all the extra paperwork
Conservative MP for Dover claims area has benefitted from Brexit dividend

A Tory MP has robustly defended Brexit, appearing to suggest that jobs and bureaucracy needed to implement it are demonstrable proof that the policy is working.

In a discussion about the causes of traffic jams and Brexit opportunities in light of Jacob Rees-Mogg's latest gig, Natalie Elphicke, MP for Dover and Deal repeated a previous assertion that jams are not caused by Brexit before cheerleading for the policy.

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She said:

"Here in Dover and Deal we've already been benefiting from the so-called Brexit dividend.

"We've had £100m invested in our border facilities here, it's going to bring with it 650 extra jobs."

Some of these jobs are needed to implement post-Brexit border checks, aka checks that would not have been necessary if we had remained in the EU.

France based journalist Alex Taylor found it pretty ridiculous:

And she also got a thorough roasting by other people reacting to it on social media.

It is not Elphicke's first gaffe-rodeo.

Just last week, she gave everyone a good chuckle when she blamed the EU for traffic jams near the port of Dover that are reported to be in part due to post-Brexit checks on the border that were implemented last year.

"Dover is once again beset by miles of traffic jams along the motorways affecting residents and local businesses alike, not because of Brexit, but because of Brussels bureaucracy and red tape," she told a confused parliament."

She reiterated her comments when questioned about them by indy100.

indy100 has contacted Elphicke in regards to the recent comments.

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