Brexiteers’ dismissive claims about expats in Spain have aged terribly

Brexiteers’ dismissive claims about expats in Spain have aged terribly
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They say life comes at you fast. And it certainly has done for Brexiteers who made a premature and slightly too optimistic forecast about the future of Brits living in Spain post-Brexit.

An old tweet by a pro-Brexit campaign group is circulating again after being exposed for predicting the exact opposite outcome for this group.

Writing on Twitter on 2019, Leave.EU dismissed fears about the consequences for Brits in the country after Brexit and said it was “time to ignore the dishonest doom-mongers” who were responsible for “Project Fear”.

They claimed British expats in Spain would see no impact from Britain’s departure from the EU.

But is has since been revealed that the certainty of Brits in Spain’s continued residence is far from simple and many are being forced to return to England, as pointed out by journalist Otto English.

Indeed, under the Withdrawal Agreement, anyone living in Spain who is not registered to do may be fined or even banned from returning to the country.

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Conditions that have to be met to gain residency include earning an income of £21,000 a year – ruling out thousands of UK pensioners living in Spain.

Ironically, over-65s were more than twice as likely as under-25s to have voted to leave the European Union in 2016.

And, reacting to the irony, it seems some people are far from sympathetic about their plight.

Perhaps they should have listened to the doom-mongers after all.

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