Tory MP supporting Penny Mordaunt says she would do it all again ...

A Tory MP has given a very honest interview indeed and we can't believe it is real.

Speaking after Penny Mordaunt was knocked out of the Tory leadership contest yesterday, Charles Walker, who backed her for PM, spoke almost too frankly about the state of his party and said he wasn't convinced either of the two remaining leadership candidates, Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss, could lead a premiership that would "end happily".

"The Conservative party is world class at bearing a grudge," he said.

"We have a grudge, we have a blood feud."

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He continued: "We've got some real rifts in our party, there's a decent chance of a premiership of Rishi or Liz Truss will not end happily. We're not in a good place as a party and we like to fight each other more than we like to challenge the Labour party."

We will find out whether Sunak or Truss wins the leadership bid in early September.

Somehow we don't think either of the candidates would fancy appointing Walker to their cabinet after that interview.

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