Charlie Stayt laughs at Tory MP who claimed Rishi Sunak is popular

Charlie Stayt laughs at Tory MP who claimed Rishi Sunak is popular
Tories suffer losses in first local elections under Rishi Sunak's government

A BBC Breakfast host could not hold in his laughter as the Conservative Party Chairman attempted to argue the positives of the local election results.

Yesterday (4 May) many places across the UK held local elections, with early results suggesting that it was pretty disastrous for the Tories.

At the time of writing, the Conservative Party has lost control of nine councils with many more areas left to be counted. Former Prime Minister Theresa May's constituency of Maidenhead was taken by the Liberal Democrats, while Labour took Medway Council in Kent from the Conservatives.

In an appearance on BBC Breakfast this morning, the Chairman of the Conservative Party, Greg Hands, discussed the early results with presenter Charlie Stayt.

Hands attempted to argue that the public actually likes PM Rishi Sunak, despite the results of the local elections not quite reflecting that.

Hands said: “It’s been a disappointing night for the Conservatives, but I have to say, going up and down the country … [the public] respect Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister – I’ve yet to have a conversation on the doorstep that isn’t improved by mentioning [Sunak’s] name.”

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He continued: “Clearly people have been dissatisfied with the government’s performance last year, but I think they’re willing to give Rishi Sunak and the team a chance.”

Stayt interrupted to get clarity and couldn’t help but laugh at what Hands had said in the process.

Stayt explained: “What you’re seeing so far, to be clear, is that the voting you’ve seen thus far, and it’s early days, is that the [laughs]... that there is a sense the people are giving Rishi Sunak a chance, by voting against him.

“I don’t understand the logic because it sounds, on the face of it, as if you’re completely ignoring the voting that’s happened and saying, ‘Well we’re doing the right thing. They might have voted against us, but we’re doing the right thing’.”

On Twitter, Hands was ridiculed for his apparent delusion and for ignoring what the public was saying with their votes.

Someone wrote: “Even the BBC presenters can't keep a straight face when listening to such diabolical bollocks. Greg Hands desperately trying to find the angle and the spin, and failing.”

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