A new photo of David Cameron has started a meme frenzy

A new photo of David Cameron has started a meme frenzy
David Cameron says Boris Johnson ‘gets away with things mere mortals can’t’

A new photo of former prime minister David Cameron has been given the meme treatment by the internet.

The picture of the former Conservative MP was taken at Cocklebarrow races in Gloucestershire, where he and his wife Samantha wore matching tartan outfits.

In the image, Cameron wore a navy and green plaid jacket with his hands in the pockets, jeans, walking boots and a navy cap.

Cameron recently admitted Boris Johnson can get away with things "mere mortals" cannot and was accused of asking Rishi Sunak to grant a bank access to a loan scheme.

The publication of the picture has started a meme frenzy online with people making jokes about his unusual outfit.

One person wrote: “David Cameron looks like he would give you a lot of unsolicited fruit machine advice.”

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Another Twitter user said: “David Cameron is every ex-public schoolboy turning up at an open mic standup night with a mockney accent.”

Someone else suggested he looked like a market trader, writing: “‘All the LPs in the box are 50 pence, love. Five for a pound.’”

One Twitter user hilariously photoshopped him onto the front of a wheelie trolley matching his tartan with the pattern.

Meanwhile, the parody account for the Number 10 cat, Larry, suggested the former PM who served from 2010 to 2016 was beginning to look like the controversial businessman Mike Ashley.

Others suggested he looked like Ronnie Pickering of viral road rage clip fame, John Goodman, a member of an Essex gang and someone on Tinder who poses with fish.

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