Dominic Cummings issues sinister 'deep state' warning to Boris Johnson

Dominic Cummings issues sinister 'deep state' warning to Boris Johnson
Dominic Raab quizzed over Dominic Cummings' claims of Downing Street party warnings

Boris Johnson’s controversial former advisor Dominic Cummings has made some predictions about how the Covid inquiry is going to go and it doesn’t look good for the PM.

Cummings was famously Johnson’s chief advisor in the beginning stages of the pandemic in 2020.

Despite the PM sticking by him throughout the Barnard Castle and eye test debacle, the pair appeared to fall out and since his resignation in November 2020, Cummings has been slowly revealing insider information about what was really going on.

In his latest takedown of his former boss, Cummings suggested that the PM’s handling of the Covid investigations will come back to bite him.

The former chief advisor claimed that Johnson is throwing junior staff under the bus and he has received multiple messages from them saying they “can’t WAIT” for the inquiry.

He went on, saying the “deep state will wreak revenge” on Johnson before the election in 2024, using a trolley emoji to represent Johnson because he's allegedly easy to stear.

On Twitter he wrote: “Also Tory MPs havent twigged: PM throwing all these junior staff under bus to cops makes his life nightmarish in covid inquiry.

“Am getting lots of texts today like 'I can't WAIT for the inquiry, I took lots of notes'. #DeepState will wreak revenge on [Johnson] in 23, yr before election.”

“Can the deep state do that now considering he's still quite literally killing us with his idiotic decisions…,” someone replied.

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Another wrote: “‘I took loads of notes’. The COVID inquiry will be very interesting…”

“Could be interesting. Junior staff looking forward to the Covid inquiry,” another Twitter user said.

Someone else added: “I love that #DeepState now just means disgruntled civil servants.”

“Wish people would remember that the ‘deep state’ is a historical term that used to describe a military power structure created in countries like Turkey and Italy during the Cold War, and describing junior civil servants as a deep state is dumb,” argued another.

One person suggested: “We’ll be fighting each other for Quavers in the Thunderdome by 2023.”

Perhaps Johnson will live to regret making Cummings an enemy.

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