'Hard man' Dominic Cummings offered out for a beer with Peter Reid

'Hard man' Dominic Cummings offered out for a beer with Peter Reid
‘There were effectively no plans for vulnerable people’ during Covid, says Dominic …

Dominic Cummings is facing tough questions this week during the Covid inquiry, and now he’s facing the wrath of former footballer Peter Reid.

It comes after Cummings hit out at people criticising the Vote Leave campaign and his role in leading up to the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Posting on Thursday (November 2), Cummings posted screenshots from a government consultation from 2020 which he claims shows the secretary of the Department of Health and Social Care arguing that the UK should adopt a herd immunity approach to coronavirus.

"All of you f****** who whine about Vote Leave face this fact - on 12 March the DHSC Permanent Secretary was pushing chickenpox parties on the Cabinet Secretary who tried to get the PM to say this to the country that day," Cummings wrote.

He went on to say: "AND VOTE LEAVE SPADS STOPPED THE INSANE F******PLAN you can all say 'thanks Vote Leave, thanks Ben Warner, thanks weirdos & misfits' in replies let's hear it."

It led Reid, who formerly played for Everton and England, to sarcastically label Cummings a “hard man” and offer him a “bevy” the next time the pair were in the capital.

"Hard man, let’s have bevy. London or Durham not a problem for me,” he wrote on Twitter in response to Cummings’s post.

"Happy to, send a DM, drink when you're in London next,” Cummings wrote.

"In London Monday, wonderful,” Reid replied.

"DM me your mobile,” Cummings responded.

Football fans responded to the bizarre Twitter exchange, with one writing: “Has Peter Reid just organised a straightener with Dominic Cummings live on Twitter?”

It comes after Cummings, the former prime minister’s chief of staff during the pandemic, answered questions during the inquiry this week.

Cummings apologised to the inquiry for the “appalling” language he used in messages but said that he was reflecting “a widespread view” about the incompetence shown by ministers who were “dealing with this crisis extremely badly”.

The messages showed the disdain he held for his former boss Boris Johnson, as it was revealed Cummings had to sit with him for “two hours just to stop him saying stupid s***”.

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