The parallels between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are clearer than ever

The parallels between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are clearer than ever
Donald Trump complains that Boris Johnson is now 'on the more liberal …

Political commentators have drawn similarities between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson for years.

When he was prime minister, opponents often called Johnson's tactics Trumpian, they both came to politics after careers in the media, they both have populist vibes, both are known for often saying the wrong thing, and people even remarked on their similar physical appearances.

But in the last few days, these parallels have become all the more striking.

For one, the two former leaders are both in trouble for allegedly lying.

Trump has been arrested and faces multiple charges for concealing national security documents from the federal government. The charge sheet against him is so vast, he could spend 400 years in prison.

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While Johnson isn't in the stocks himself, he is also facing a telling-off from the establishment. A committee of MPs has decided he did deliberately mislead parliament when he claimed all rules were followed during the Partygate era.

So they both may have flirted with the truth, but what else? They have both kicked off in response to people criticising them.

In response to his legal issues, Trump has said the whole thing is a witch hunt and delivered a speech ranting about those against him.

Similarly, Johnson resigned as an MP as soon as he received the report into his behaviour and ranted about parliament being "biased".

The final paragraph of his resignation statement read: "It is very sad to be leaving Parliament - at least for now - but above all, I am bewildered and appalled that I can be forced out, anti-democratically, by a committee chaired and managed, by Harriet Harman, with such egregious bias."

All in all, it is very eery.

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