<p>Donald Trump Jr. compared Britney Spears’ conservatorship U.S. states run by Democrats.</p>

Donald Trump Jr. compared Britney Spears’ conservatorship U.S. states run by Democrats.

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Today in Extremely Bad Takes™, Donald Trump Jr. has proudly placed himself on the completely wrong side of history — even more so than usual — having taken to Twitter to share quite possibly one of the worst takes so far on the Britney Spears conservatorship battle.

After Spears gave a heartbreaking statement regarding the reality of her tragic circumstances, Trump Jr. issued an especially inhumane perspective on Britney Spears’ heartbreaking conservatorship, equating her grim circumstances to those of U.S. states run by Democrats.

“How many Americans rightly concerned about Brittany (sic) Spears’ conservatorship had no problems with America’s conservatorship under blue state governors for the past year??? I’m guessing close to 100%,” Trump Jr. tweeted, somehow under the impression that an innocent’s woman losing most of her rights while being forced to have an IUD is equivalent to states electing governors who most align with their political beliefs.

Twitter is understandably displeased with Trump Jr’s reach of epic proportions, in which he also misspelled Ms. Spears’ name.

Others are especially furious, offended that Trump Jr. is so clearly using Spears’ tragic circumstances to push his own (or perhaps father’s) agenda — or at the very least, stay relevant.

Considering a new poll shows that the #FreeBritney movement is one of the only issues on which both both Trump and Biden voters agree, Trump Jr’s questionable tweet missed the mark in multiple ways: It’s not just a bad take, but an especially poor PR choice, too.

We hope you stretched before that reach, Don Jr.

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