Trump backed Dr Oz for Senate because he called him a 'healthy ...

Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz texted supporters that the MAGA movement is dying while asking for campaign donations, despite being endorsed by Donald Trump.

"MAGA MOVEMENT IS DYING" the text message from Dr. Oz's campaign read. "Liberals are winning the fundraising race, and the America First Pro-Trump movement feels defeated."

The rest of the message encouraged "just 7 MAGA supporters" to donate to Dr. Oz, 62, in his fight to win a Senate position.

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Dr. Oz's text comes as he encourages Republican voters to donate to his campaign which has raised less money than his opponent, Democratic candidate John Fetterman.

According to a report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dr. Oz has only raised approximately $1.1 million and personally loaned his campaign $2.2 while Fetterman has raised $9.9 million.

In an effort to explain his lower cash advantage, Dr. Oz told Fox News' Laura Ingraham Republicans tend to 'mow the lawn' when they're angry whereas Democrats donate to their party.

"The state and national party are doing their best but the Democrats have, very cleverly, taken all these issues that have come up over the summer- the Dobbs decisions, concerns about guns, and they've used these as excuses to raise money for the Democratic loyalists," Dr. Oz said on Monday.

"Interestingly when Republicans get mad we go out and mow the lawn, Democrats, when they get mad, donate money to their party." He added.

The former television personality justified his campaign by saying his opponent is a "pretend populist".

"I don't have to raise as much money as Fetterman because I'm a better candidate, takes a lot of money to sell something you don't have," Dr. Oz said.

The Republican candidate went on to encourage others to donate to his campaign.

Meanwhile, earlier this year Trump endorsed Dr. Oz for Pennsylvania's Republican Senate candidate and even encouraged him to prematurely declare victory during the primaries.

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