13 of the best memes about Tory MPs submitting no confidence letters to Sir Graham Brady

13 of the best memes about Tory MPs submitting no confidence letters to Sir Graham Brady
Boris Johnson says ‘nobody told me’ Downing Street party broke lockdown rules
Sky News

An unconfirmed number of Tory MPs have reportedly had enough with their leader, Boris Johnson.

Sick of the constant stream of allegations about alleged parties held during lockdown, and unsatisfied with that tenuous "work event" excuse, they've got their pen and paper out, scribbled some angry letters, and trotted down to head of the 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers, Sir Graham Brady's office to formally submit their letters of no confidence in the PM.

Around 12 letters were handed in this morning, according to Sky News political correspondents Sam Coates and Joe Pike. Other letters have said to have been handed in earlier, and if Brady gets 54 - 15 per cent of the number of Tory MPs - it will trigger a vote of no-confidence in the Commons.

While the bulk of political analysis and reporting has understandably centred around what this means for Johnson and his crumbling premiership and what could happen next if he bids farewell to high office, people were concerned about Brady's stuffed letterbox as well.

So, as the postman knocked on Brady's door, memes and jokes came flooding in on the internet:

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The 'plot' to oust Johnson has reportedly been named the "pork pie plot" and Johnson is expected to make a statement to the house of commons today to get rid of "Plan B" measures to deal with coronavirus, as cases fall. But opponents have called this and other planned policy offerings a distraction from his scandals so it seems unlikely that this will make Brady's inbox any less cluttered.

So we guess it is time for Brady to sit down, make a nice cup of coffee, and get cracking with his correspondence.

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