Greta Thunberg blamed for Ukraine war by Steve Bannon's 'International Editor'

Greta Thunberg blamed for Ukraine war by Steve Bannon's 'International Editor'
Greta Thunberg and Angela Merkel triumph at the Women of Europe Awards

Greta Thunberg is responsible for the war in Ukraine, apparently.

At least that is what one of Steve Bannon's lackeys has to say.

Speaking on Trump's former political adviser's show WarRoom,Ben Harnwell, the international editor of the show, slammed the Swedish climate activist and claimed there was a "direct causal link" between her activism and Putin's invasion of Ukraine last week.

If that sounds too bonkers to comprehend, let us allow Harnwell to speak for himself. He said:

"There's a direct causal link between Greta Thunberg at the UN podium with the tears down her cheeks saying 'how dare you', between that and all the damage she's being doing throughout Europe and the world, pushing for climate fanaticism and Vladimir Putin's dominance and being able to invade Ukraine last week."

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He was of course referring to Thunberg's famous 2019 speech to the United Nations climate action summit in which she slammed world leaders for "failing" the world by not properly dealing with climate change.

Around two and a half years later, Putin invaded Ukraine, and the latest is that he has ordered Russia's military to put its deterrence forces, which include nuclear weapons, on "special alert".

The EU, US and UK have all issued sanctions in an attempt to halt Putin and the EU is sending arms to Ukraine and fast-tracking Ukrainian refugees.

Thanks a lot, Greta.

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