Gay Democrat has the perfect response to the new anti-LGBT+ House Speaker

Democrat representative celebrates wife in apparent rebuke to Mike Johnson's anti-LGBT+ record

A gay Democrat has trolled the new Republican Speaker of the United States House of Representatives for his anti-LGBTQ+ views in the best way possible.

After weeks of uncertainty and fighting amongst the party, the Republicans elected Louisiana lawmaker Mike Johnson as the new Speaker of the House.

Republican Johnson previously helped introduce a bill that led to the removal of LGBTQ+-friendly materials from classrooms, which he claimed was exposing children to “sexual imagery and radical gender ideology”.

The Democrats nominated Hakeem Jeffries as the speaker, and it was when Democratic Angie Craig went to place her vote for Jeffrires that she trolled Johnson by making reference to her wife and the fact they were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary.

Craig shouted before casting her vote, “Happy wedding anniversary to my wife”, earning her a standing ovation from her Democratic colleagues.

In a post on X/Twitter, she wrote: “Mike Johnson spent his legal career fighting against same-sex marriage, adoption and marital benefits. Now he’s brought that fight to Congress.

“Proud to vote against him on my 15th anniversary with my wife, Cheryl. @RepMikeJohnson, enjoy it while it lasts - it won’t be long.”

While the video didn’t show Johnson’s reaction to the clearly intentional dig at him, PBS NewsHour reporter Lisa Desjardins wrote that he just “looked down at his tie”.

As well as his controversial views on the LGBT+ community, Johnson is also one of the Republicans who encouraged Trump as he attempted to claim the 2020 Presidential election was stolen, at the time urging the former president to “keep fighting” and “exhaust every available legal remedy”.

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