Jacinda Ardern and Sanna Marin have perfect responses to journalist's dumb question

Jacinda Ardern and Sanna Marin have perfect responses to journalist's dumb question
Jacinda Ardern and Sanna Marin shoot down awkward question about age and …

Jacinda Ardern and Sanna Marin perfectly shut down responses to a journalist's dumb question at a joint press conference.

The leaders of New Zealand and Finland respectively met for diplomatic talks. It was Marin's first official tour and she was the first Finnish prime minister to visit the country.

All normal stuff for politicians then, but a New Zealand reporter working for Newstalk ZB asked whether the two were meeting because they are "similar in age" and "got a lot of common stuff there" or whether they planned to sign more "deals".

An incredulous looking Ardern eplied: "I wonder whether or not anyone ever asked Barack Obama or John Key (New Zealand's former prime minister) if they met because they were of similar age?

"We, of course, have a higher proportion of men in politics, it's reality. Because two women meet, it's not simply because of their gender."

The politician went on to list ways in which New Zealand and Finland are tied in terms of trade and said Finland exports NZ$199 million worth of exports into New Zealand while New Zealand sends around $14 million to Finland.

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"There is huge potential between us," she said and said the developing relationship needed to be furthered "regardless of our gender".

Then, Marin added: "Yeah, now we are meeting because we are prime ministers, of course." Deadpan goals.

"We have a business delegation with us," she added and similarly outlined ways in which the countries could work together.

It is not the first time the politicians have been forced to field off questions. Four months ago, Marin made headlines around the world for the simple crime of... going clubbing.

Some said she was being inappropriate while others thought it was a reasonable use of some free time.

At the time, she said: "I danced, sang, and partied - perfectly legal things. And I've never been in a situation where I've seen or known of others [using drugs]."

Asked about the issue at the time, Ardern said she did not want to get involved in another country's domestic issues, but suggested that the criticism of Marin had been too harsh.

It is 2022 and female politicians are still made to put up with utter nonsense.

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