Jacob Rees-Mogg names scrapping 'funny numbers' as another Brexit benefit

Jacob Rees-Mogg names scrapping 'funny numbers' as another Brexit benefit
Jacob Rees-Mogg labels scrapping 'funny numbers' on tunnel signs as another Brexit ...

Another Brexit benefit has just dropped - getting rid of "funny numbers".

Yes, it is time to rejoice because when asked in a recent interview by LBC what EU laws he thought should be scrapped, Jacob Rees-Mogg (that's the minister for Brexit opportunities to you or I) said that while it sounded "completely trivial", he was against "funny numbers" that those bureaucrats in Brussels subjugate us with.

"If you go through the Dartford Tunnel, there have to be signs saying how you get out of it every 25 metres," he explained. "But in this country we use yards for road signs, so the signs say 121 yards in one direction and 1152 yards in the other.

"We've got very funny numbers and this is all because of an EU regulation hitting UK law and coming up with an odd answer," he moaned.

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His stirring speech comes mere days after Rees-Mogg stood up in parliament and really claimed phone chargers were a Brexit benefit after it was announced the EU has provisionally agreed that new portable electronic devices must universally use a USB C charger by autumn 2024.

Rees-Mogg said: “Thankfully, we left the EU before it decided to mandate what sort of phone chargers we can have.

“A typically short-termiest [sic] and anti-innovation measure which will only have a long-term negative effect on consumers.”

Funny numbers and phone chargers... Never did the phrase "tidying the deckchairs on the Titanic" ring so true.

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