Three of the most ridiculous Brexit 'benefits' the government is celebrating

Brexit has been ‘big success already’, says minister

Today, to coincide with the second anniversary of Britain's official departure from the EU, the government released a document outlining the 'benefits' of the policy.

At over 100 pages, the hefty document explores and explains what great things the government reckon are thanks to Brexit and gives itself a strong pat on the back for them.

But some of the benefits are more subjective than others, like these three:

Blue passports

Thanks to Brexit, we now have shiny new blue passports instead of the cursed burgundy ones. The report says: "All new British passports are now blue, a return to their original appearance, with the colour first introduced in 1921, and updated to be the most technologically-advanced and secure British passports ever, with the carbon footprint from their manufacture reduced to net zero."

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Seems worth having a referendum over to us.

Enabling businesses to use a crown stamp symbol on pint glasses

The government claims Brexit has enabled us to put crown stamps on pint glasses, which sounds like a tidying the deckchairs on the Titanic type policy to us. Nevertheless, they say: "The Crown Stamp is a proud emblem of our heritage that people remain fond of. We have begun the process of allowing it to be used once again, a fitting tribute to Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee."

But awkwardly, the BBC reports that the European Commission has rejected the idea that EU rules stopped the UK from having the crown stamp on glasses as well.

A spokesperson told the broadcaster: "EU law does not prevent markings from being placed on products, so long as it does not overlap or be confused with the CE mark."


Ensuring our iconic British products all get the recognition they deserve, through our own domestic Geographical Indication (GI) regime

The report says that our pork pies are safe. "British products from Stornoway Black Pudding to Scottish Salmon, Conwy Mussels to Welsh Lamb, Armagh Bramley Apples to Lough Neagh Eels, Melton Mowbray Pork Pies to Stilton Cheese and many more, are already protected."

Well thank goodness for that.

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