Jacob Rees-Mogg makes Remain argument by calling Brexit measures ‘act of self-harm’

Jacob Rees-Mogg makes Remain argument by calling Brexit measures ‘act of self-harm’
Brexit checks would have been ‘act of self-harm’, says Jacob Rees-Mogg
ITV News

Jacob Rees-Mogg appeared to accidentally make a strong Remain argument during a new interview, calling postponed Brexit measures "an act of self-harm".

It comes as checks on food entering the UK which were due to be introduced in July were pushed back again to 2023.

The minister of state for Brexit opportunities and government efficiency spoke to ITV News on the matter, and said that allowing the government's own Brexit deal to be fully implemented "would have been an act of self harm.”

“You’re admitting that this could save £1billion, which is admitting that checks would cost £1billion. I thought that post-Brexit checks were not going to be disruptive?” he was asked by the reporter.

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“That’s why we’re not adopting them,” he replied. “This would have been an act of self-harm if we’d gone ahead with it.

“It would have increased costs for people and we are trying to reduce costs… free trade is hugely advantageous to consumers.”

It’s certainly an unexpected comment for a man who campaigned for Brexit and to leave the single market, with his argument leaving Remainers and Brexiteers alike scratching their heads on social media.

Due to the delay to post-Brexit import checks, the current situation means that goods are allowed through, while UK goods are still subject to comprehensive checks on entering the EU. It means that the UK will essentially continue to depend on the EU to monitor food safety.

It’s led some of Britain’s biggest seaports to consider legal action against the government in an attempt to recover costs building border control posts which they now worry won’t be used.

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