A ‘politician’ associated with the far-right group Britain First has been undeterred by her latest dismal election result and has announced she is standing in another by-election.

Jayda Fransen, who received just 46 votes when she stood against Sturgeon in Glasgow Southside earlier this month, announced she is dusting herself off and standing in Batley & Spen, in an email sent to her supporters.

The email said: “Jayda Fransen is standing for the forgotten people of British, Christian, Batley and Spen! For God and Britannia.” No thanks...

Fransen - who is so lovely she is permanently banned from Twitter - hit the news this month after Sturgeon called her “a fascist and a racist” when the two clashed on the campaign trail, causing people to heap praise upon the SNP leader and disdain upon Fransen:

Sturgeon said the people of Glasgow would “reject” Fransen after the latter called the former a “Marxist” for some reason, and her political forecasting proved correct when Fransen received just 46 votes in the election, much to the delight of people who attended the count.

Speaking after winning her seat at the time, Sturgeon said: “Yesterday, not for the first time, the constituency was targeted by far-right thugs.

“The far-right thug who led that confrontation got 46 votes and I’m proud that once again Glasgow Southside has shown the racists and the fascists that they are not welcome in Glasgow Southside, they are not welcome in Glasgow and they are not welcome anywhere in Scotland and let that be a note of unity.”


No-one can deny that Fransen - who was sentenced to 36 weeks in prison in 2018 after being found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment and believes Islam should be banned - is a grafter. In 2014, she stood in Rochester and Strood ­by-election, got just 56 votes and was even outpolled by the Monster Raving Loony Party. She has also made a whole new ‘party’ called the British Freedom Party - which doesn’t sound dodgy at all - after holding the coveted position of deputy leader of Britain First and hanging around with the English Defence League.

The by-election takes place on 1 July and the constituency has been held by Labour since 1997. But who knows, maybe this time Fransen will get as many as 47 votes?

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