Nicola Sturgeon praised for calling Britain First ‘fascist racists’ during heated confrontation

Nicola Sturgeon has been praised for not mincing her words and calling Britain First “fascist racists”.

In footage circulating on social media, Jayda Fransen - former deputy leader of Britain First and an independent candidate in Glasgow Southside - was seen approaching the first minister on the campaign trail yesterday, and attempting to engage her in conversation.

“You’re a fascist and a racist,” Sturgeon said, walking away from Fransen and trying not to engage with her ‘rival’ who contested the same seat in yesterday’s election.

“Do you really think Marxism is best for Scotland?” Fransen asked Sturgeon, a social democrat, and claimed it was Sturgeon who was “racist”, apropos of nothing, and embarked on an anti-immigration rant.

But Sturgeon stayed firmly on message. “You are a fascist. You are a racist. And the Southside of Glasgow will reject you,” she said.

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And people on social media praised Sturgeon for keeping her cool.

Owen Jones gave her “massive kudos”:

And journalist Eve Livingston found the SNP politicians’ attitude refreshing:

As did journalist Hannah Jane Parkinson:

Fransen cuts a controversial figure. She was sentenced to 36 weeks in prison in 2018 after being found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment and believes Islam should be banned. She has also been permanently banned from Twitter, which is useful because Donald Trump got himself into trouble for retweeting Islamophobic videos she shared.

Sturgeon herself said she was “confident” Fransen would be defeated:

And indeed, upon being told that Glasgow would “reject” Fransen, one of her team replied: “Of course they will because we are a new party.”

A party admitting they are going to lose? How embarrassing.

The results for the Scottish seat are expected to come in on Saturday evening. We look forward to seeing Fransen eat her words.

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