Joe Lycett launches secret mini-game taking aim at the Tories

Joe Lycett launches secret mini-game taking aim at the Tories

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The “very right-wing” comedian that is Joe Lycett sure does love poking fun at the Conservative Party, from taking out an entire page in Liz Truss’ local paper to remind her of his “continued support”, designing a commemorative plate celebrating her extremely short tenure as prime minister, to raising £50,000 for homeless charity Crisis with the aid of potpourri following Suella Braverman’s “lifestyle choice” remarks.

Lycett has since gone big on the need for people to register to vote following the election announcement, and he’s now unveiled a secret mini-game on his website which trolls the Tories some more.

Upon visiting JoeLycett.com, a number of different projects from the comedian appear in icon form, including his artwork, his film Linda and an illustration of a sewage spill connected to his recent documentary, Joe Lycett vs Sewage.

But perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s also a painting of Truss, which once clicked encourages the individual to sign up to register to vote on 4 July.

Another icon is a bin, which opens up to contain a link to fellow funnyman Joel Dommett’s website along with the message “put something in this bin for a surprise”.

Nothing happens if you do it with any of the other images on the page, but if you happen to drag Truss’ face into the bin… then a game known as “Hungry Hungry Tories” appears.

It’s effectively like whack-a-mole.

“The Tories are hungry, get rid of them as quick as you can,” a message reads, before you have to click on a number of famous Tory faces (including Sunak, Braverman and Boris Johnson – to name but a few) as and when they appear while keeping your three lives intact.

When the game's over, players are shown a link to register to vote - good stuff.

Fans of the Late Night Lycett host have since praised the fun way of killing time, with one individual on Instagram celebrating a score of 2,173 and telling Lycett: “Don’t threaten me with a good time!”

Just some more silliness amid a general election – on top of Sunak’s multiple PR gaffes including being photobombed by the Lib Dems in Oxfordshire.

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