All of the fake news stories planted by Joe Lycett

All of the fake news stories planted by Joe Lycett
Joe Lycett unveils sewage company stunt
Joe Lycett

Comedian Joe Lycett has lifted the lid on his ludicrous fake news stories planted across the internet and mainstream news.

Earlier this week, Lycett turned to social media to announce his latest stunt that garnered thousands of speculative responses.

In the clip, he said: "For the last month, me and my team have been planting stupid, silly fake news stories, about things that never actually happened in the hope that they would take up space that more hateful or polarising fake news might otherwise have used."

Lycett confirmed that his stories have made it to national news publications including BBC News, The Mail, The Sun,ITV News, Sky News and The Independent.

Now, on Friday's episode of Late Night Lycett, the 35-year-old shared four fake stories that successfully made it into newspapers and television news.

He reiterated how he wanted to "take up space" in outlets that would "otherwise use spreading hate, misery or pictures of Amanda Holden."

Prince Harry shaped bruise

One of the stories included a Prince Harry-shaped bruise on a five-a-side footballer's leg.

Lycett shared a photo published in the Daily Mail of a man named Adam Price (left).

However, he soon pointed out that it wasn't Adam at all. It was a photoshopped image of Lycett while on holiday (right).

Late Night Lycett

Men from Birmingham have the biggest penises in the country

"They don't," Lycett joked. "That's complete bulls*** from us."

Various outlets including The Daily Star picked up the story, which reported: "A new yearly study by Myriad Researching for Spartan Layers, a top men's underwear brand, found that blokes in Birmingham have the biggest average manhoods in the UK."

Banksy artwork in Birmingham

"Can you slap any old s*** on a wall and have papers think it's a Banksy?" Turns out, you can.

Remember the artwork of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz that cropped up in Birmingham's Gay Village? That too, was Lycett.

The coverage even prompted Banksy to issue an eight-word statement reading: "This work is not by the artist Banksy."

Lycett then revealed the painting was created by artist Dion Kitson, who also works on the show.

H from Steps statue built in Cowbridge

Another one of Lycett's stories that was "covered everywhere" including BBC Breakfast, was that H from Steps was having his very own 8ft statue built in his hometown.

H, himself, also confirmed it was fake news.

Joe Lycett Reveals LUDICROUS Fake News Stories On Late Night Lycett! | Channel

Lycett went on to share some of the silly stories that were actually real and not a part of his stunt despite fan speculation.

These include the rescued baby hedgehog that turned out to be a hat bobble and Alan Titchmarsh's pants being blurred in North Korea.

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