John Bercow says Boris Johnson ‘stinks in the nostrils of decent people’ and calls him the worst PM he’s known

John Bercow says Boris Johnson ‘stinks in the nostrils of decent people’ and calls him the worst PM he’s known

John Bercow has justed savaged Boris Johnson over his various scandals and no-one can accuse him of mincing his words.

In an appearance on Good Morning Britain today, the former speaker of the House of Commons called the PM a “habitual liar” who “stinks in the nostrils of decent people”, and branded him the worst prime minister he’s lived through “by a country mile”.

He said:

“The person who is in charge of the ship is regarded as a serial dissembler, as an habitual liar, as somebody who has made his career through ducking and dodging and diving and dissembling and deceiving people.

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“I’m sorry to say it but I’ve known 12 prime ministers in my lifetime and by a country mile Boris Johnson is the worst.

“His natural instinct is not to be open, not to be transparent, not to be accountable, but narcissitically to think ‘what suits me, how can I extricate myself from this awkward situation, by what means can I arrogate blame somewhere else?’”

His comments come as Johnson faces a string of scandals worthy of a soap opera. The Electoral Commission has just fined his party over improper donations to fund his Downing Street flat and the country is up in arms about a string of parties allegedly held while the country faced strict Covid restrictions last year.

Apparently as a result, the Tories are down in the polls and Johnson is struggling to maintain public trust. And Bercow for one isn’t best pleased. He continued:

“This is way below the standard that the British public are entitled to expect and when people say ‘well isn’t it important that we focus on the big issues rather than wallpaper or the cost of the flat?’ I suppose the answer to that is this.

“If there isn’t a basic level of trust in the most senior minister in the government, it’s very difficult to operate a democratic polity at all. That’s the problem. This guy stinks in the nostrils of decent people.”

Reacting to his remarks, people on Twitter thought he had hit the nail on the head:

We doubt Johnson will be sending Bercow a Christmas card this year. Or inviting him to any parties...

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