Boris Johnson’s past 24 hours sounds like something from a soap opera

Boris Johnson’s past 24 hours sounds like something from a soap opera

Boris Johnson has had a busy 24 hours, busy enough to spark soap opera comparisons:

Yesterday he was grilled over allegations that Downing Street held a party during Covid restrictions last December – an event which apparently took place a mere evening before he told families that meeting up over Christmas was banned.

He faced a rightly grumpy Keir Starmer at PMQs; dealt with backlash from a video released the night before showing Downing Street staff – including Allegra Stratton – spitballing about how to deal with press queries about the “fictional” party, and was then ridiculed on TV and social media as even members of his own party turned against him.

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Time for a rest? Nope. After accepting Stratton’s resignation for her role in the affair, he was then dragged out to the press at 6pm to announce new Covid measures.

If you are struggling to keep up, Britain is now governed by Plan B rules – not the morning after pill but more masks and more working from home (unless you want a Christmas party of course).

We hope he then had a nice dinner and an early night – but we suspect not, given it was announced this morning that his wife Carrie Johnson has given birth to a baby girl.

They haven’t announced a name yet but we expect that Pippa won’t make the shortlist, given the journalist who broke the first Christmas party story was The Mirror’s Pippa Crerar.

And while he is getting to know his latest child he will be keeping one eye on the news that the Conservative party has been fined £17,800 for “failing to accurately report a donation and keep a proper accounting record” over the controversial redecoration of Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat, as per the long awaited report from the Electoral Commission.

Coronation Street? It’s nothing compared to Downing Street...

Like we said, busy day.

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