Labour's Jon Trickett has demanded an investigation by the Charity Commission
Labour's Jon Trickett has demanded an investigation by the Charity Commission

A Labour MP has been roasted more than any curry ever could, by showing he has a pretty bizarre understanding of economics.

Posting on Twitter, Jon Trickett, the Corbyn ally who represents the Yorkshire constituency of Hemsworth, claimed that because the price of a takeaway is more than the hourly minimum wage, it meant that we live in a society in which “curry is worth more than a human”.

He said:

While indy100 obviously agrees that paying people fairly is incredibly important, we don’t really get how comparing it to the cost of a curry makes the point.

So, allow us a brief interlude while we try to figure out just what Trickett means when he says that curry being more expensive than the hourly minimum wage means society values curry more...

Perhaps he means an hourly wage should be commensurate with curries to live in an equal society. So we need to earn enough to have a Korma on the hour, every hour, and then surely we also need a London Lentil Wage in which – to compensate with the higher cost of living in the region – people residing there are paid more. But then again?

Nope. We’ve got nothing.

And neither did anyone else who reacted to his strange claim:

It is not the first time Trickett has been guilty of tweeting before thinking. In 2016, he apologised for likening an attempt to oust Corbyn to an attempted violent coup in Turkey. In response, he said he shouldn’t tweet when “feeling ill” and deleted the tweet in question.

And just days ago, Trickett had a whole lot of fun making this, which is obviously not really how trickle down economics works:

With Starmer having just reshuffled his cabinet, we are amazed he opted to appoint Rachel Reeves as the new shadow chancellor, rather than Trickett – an oversight and sign of terrible political judgement.

Things that society values more than humans according to the logic of Jon Trickett: a brief list

You could basically think of any random that costs money – like cinema tickets, pints of beer – and compare it to the rate of minimum wage. It just doesn’t feel like isolating one thing – in this case a takeaway – is the way to make an assessment about the cost of living in the UK.

Look, we’ve given it some thought and decided that Trickett must have fallen victim to hanger when he tweeted. As the famous Snickers advert says: “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

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