Why Katy Perry is facing backlash by voting for Democrat mayoral candidate Rick Caruso

Why Katy Perry is facing backlash by voting for Democrat mayoral candidate Rick Caruso
Katy Perry Glitch

Katy Perry posted a photo of herself voting in the mid-term elections - and caused a storm in the process.

Taking part in the election for the next mayor of Los Angeles, the Firework singer backed former Republican Rick Caruso.

In the pic, she gave a thumbs-up next to the ballot paper and wrote: “I am voting for a myriad of reasons but in particular because Los Angeles is a hot mess atm.”

It came just hours after she tweeted out a video supporting abortion rights and Roe v Wade - which left some fans angry due to Caruso’s mixed record on reproductive rights.

Caruso is a billionaire and devout Catholic who switched his registration from Republican to Democrat in January - right before he announced his mayoral candidacy.

His spokesman told local outlets: “Rick has always been pro-choice and has always supported Roe v Wade”.

However in an interview with LA Magazine in 2007 he reportedly said that he opposes abortion “in most cases”.

He has also made donations to anti-abortion politicians right up until this year.

The University of Southern California - which has a center named after him thanks to a $9m donation - has also opposed the state’s proposition which is aimed at protecting abortion rights in the state.

Fans flooded Twitter with their concerns, with one writing: “Never understand voting against your own self-interests.”

Another said: “I mean, she is entitled to vote for whoever she wants to, but damn why does she gotta go and choose the worse option!?”

A third said: “She was a gospel artist before she became a pop artist. Ppl forget she will do anything to appeal to the public but she still comes from a Christian conservative background.”

YouTuber Tyler Oakley was aghast, posting: “Not Katy Perry voting Republican!

“Rich Caruso is the Republican candidate and has spent $100,000,000 to try to buy this race.”

Earlier this month she went viral after appearing to suffer an 'eye glitch' on stage - she later said that she welcomed the ensuing conspiracy theories.

She also ended up in hot water after fans were offended by Jeffrey Dahmer-related lyrics in her song Dark Horse.

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