Katy Perry fans are worried she might be a 'robot' following eye 'glitch' at a concert

Katy Perry fans are worried she might be a 'robot' following eye 'glitch' at a concert
Katy Perry has to be careful not to become 'fat Elvis' during …
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Katy Perry fans were left concerned that the singer may be a robot after her eye began to twitch during a concert.

The “glitch” happened during a recent performance as part of her Las Vegas “Play” residency as the singer appeared to be unable to open her right eye.

Clips posted on social media show the singer touching her temple on the right side of her face to attempt to get the twitching to stop.

It eventually stopped and the singer was able to keep her eye open and continue with the show.

With clips posted on social media, it has helped spark a conspiracy that the performer is actually a robot and many made jokes referencing her “clone”.

On TikTok, the clip of Perry’s malfunctioning eye has been viewed more than 19.2 million times and received over 20,000 comments.

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One person wrote: “she lost the wifi connection.”

Another said: “The robot had a glitch.”

Someone else commented: “Mechanical failure. she even press that button to keep it open.”

“That baby doll you had as a kid with the eye that kept closing,” another user joked.

One TikToker said: “Clone failure. Next time make sure all software is updated and make necessary patches.”

But, while some poked fun in a harmless way, others used the incident to promote their anti-vaccine agenda and blamed her eye twitch on the Covid-19 vaccination with absolutely no evidence or proof.

American conservative Chad Prather said in a video: "Katy was talking about getting the vax, and look, she can't open her eye. Look, watch, she pushes her little robot button and her eye pops open."

He continued: "These people are lined for their twelfth booster, man."

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