Lauren Boebert shared a patriotic meme about America but there's a big mistake

Lauren Boebert shared a patriotic meme about America but there's a big mistake
Lauren Boebert claims gun-free zones are ‘most dangerous places’ in US

Controversial right-wing Republican Lauren Boebert’s attempt at declaring her patriotism to America went quite wrong after the meme she shared included a very basic geographical error.

Boebert is a United States Representative for Colorado's 3rd congressional district. The Republican is a pro-gun activist and has supported dangerous pro-Trump conspiracies such as QAnon.

Amid news that the United States will continue to support Ukraine in its fight against Vladimir Putin’s illegal war, self-confessed “patriot” Boebert decided to head to Twitter to share a meme that summarises her thoughts on that.

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Captioning the tweet, “Sometimes a meme says it best”, Boebert posted an image of the globe that featured only the ocean and the United States mainland. The text above the image read: “Map showing the only place my taxes should go to.”

But, it didn’t take long for people to point out the major mistake that the map failed to include the US states of Alaska and Hawaii, or the country's other territories.

One person pointed out: “Ah, yes. America. A country famous for having 48 states.”

Someone else wrote: “Alaska and Hawaii: ‘When you failed your GED 3 times and it shows.’”

Another joked: “I guess Lauren Boebert is pro-Hawaiian independence which is a surprisingly good policy from her.”

“Or, a GIF, when a US Congresswoman forgets Alaska and Hawaii are states and there are places like Puerto Rico,” someone else suggested.

A rather embarrassing slip-up from a person who purports to be a patriot.

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