Truss' first day: UK new PM vows imminent action on energy crisis

An interesting quirk in politics as we stride into the future is that our new politicians are tracked by the digital footprints they leave behind them.

We'd have loved to see Margaret Thatcher's TikTok dances, or selfies in Downing Street captioned "poll tax riots :( #FML #longday", could only but shudder at the tweets Winston Churchill would post to get himself cancelled on a daily basis, but alas that simply was not possible.

We have no such yearning about what could have been about the new prime minister Liz Truss, though, who is very much online, so much so that her aides at the Department for International Trade reportedly joked they worked for the 'Department for Instagramming Truss'.

She's even been criticised for her online presence. Just before Russia invaded Ukraine, Truss posted snaps of her in Moscow. It didn't go down well. “At a moment when Europe faces its biggest security crisis in decades, Liz Truss seems more interested in Instagram diplomacy than working with our allies,” said Layla Moran, the Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesperson.

“These serious times deserve serious leaders. We need a foreign secretary focused on the task at hand, not using a taxpayer-funded photographer to further her leadership ambitions.”

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So she's online and as people suss out their new PM, they are doing what they do before each Hinge date with someone new, stalking her Instagram.

And we've rounded up some of the more odd posts Truss has shared on the platform throughout the years so you don't have to.


When she hung out with Toff from Made in Chelsea at a private members club:

When she hung out with Taylor Swift:

When she tried to be a nature photographer:

When she chilled on a beach:

When she played tug of war with a union flag emblazoned teapot:

When she had a whiskey while wearing a Santa hat:

When she unveiled her Halloween costume and quoted The Usual Suspects:

When the squad goals were lacking:

When she burnt burgers on a BBQ:

When she held a cake out in front of a beaming crowd in reasons unclear:

When she went apple picking... Norfolk style:

When she rode a bike with a huge union flag umbrella:

When she had a cake decorated with a (you guessed it) union flag:

When she posted a nostalgic holiday pic:

When she marked her daughter's birthday with an unpleasant-looking cookie:

When her pun made us cringe:

When she auditioned for an action film:

When she auditioned for Bob the Builder:

When she posted a campaign video of her doing everyday tasks at home, and managed to make it look like she had never done them in her life, not even once:

So that's the prime instagrammer, sorry minister for you. Our country may be in slippery hands but at least we'll get some good snaps along the way.

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