'Trickle-down economics doesn’t work', says Joe Biden

People theorized on Tuesday that President Joe Biden subtweeted Prime Minister Liz Truss by criticizing trickle-down economics, an economic policy Truss appears to believe in.

"I am sick and tired of trickle-down economics. It has never worked," Biden wrote.

The economic policy is one that relies on the belief that cutting taxes for the higher economic class will benefit lower economic classes by encouraging those will more disposable income to spend, hire, and help grow the economy.

Throughout her campaign, Truss advocated for the low-tax economy.

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Although the President has made similar statements in the past, some felt Tuesday's tweet was shadier given he is set to meet with Truss in New York on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Tuesday afternoon Truss defended her economic plan which is set to unveil on Friday.

Truss told Sky News she accepts that her economic plan will make her unpopular but did not accept the "argument that cutting taxes is somehow unfair."

She reiterated her faith in the efficacy of the tax plan.

"I mean, what we know is that people on higher incomes generally pay more tax," she said. "So when you reduce taxes, there is often a disproportionate benefit because those people are paying more taxes in the first place"

"I'm determined my government takes every step and strains every sinew to get the economy going, to make sure we have a successful economy and as a country we can weather this storm," she added.

The timing of Biden's tweet led to speculation online that he was indirectly criticizing Truss, what is commonly known as subtweeting.

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