MAGA rioter angry that Google searches show she's a MAGA rioter

MAGA rioter angry that Google searches show she's a MAGA rioter
John Bolton admits planning coups d’etat while discussing January 6

A woman who participated in the January 6th attack on the Capitol is upset her name is forever tied to the insurrection when people Google her.

In a recent court filing, Dawn Bancroft's attorney's sought a lesser sentencing citing her compliance with law enforcement, her damaged reputation, and misguided information from former president Donald Trump as reasons for her crime.

"Defense submits to the Court Ms. Bancroft has already been punished in several real and permanent ways" the filing reads. "When Googling her name, she will always be tied to her actions on January 6th."

Among the Google search, Bancroft's attorneys said she has also received threatening calls, letters, and her business has suffered greatly as consequences to her actions.

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The attorney argues that because Bancroft's name is closely tied to the insurrection she should not have to endure prison time or a length probation period.

A quick Google search of "Dawn Bancroft" does confirm this as the first six pages of results all tie words like "January 6th", "insurrection", "Donald Trump", and more to her name.

Notably, Bancroft is known for videotaping herself, along with Diana Santos-Smith, breaking into the Capitol and admitting they were looking for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

“We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the friggin’ brain but we didn’t find her" Bancroft says in the video, submitted to the FBI.

On Twitter, people criticized Bancroft for complaining about her damaged public reputation given her actions.

"Are we actually supposed to feel sorry for the traitors that attacked our Capital on Jan 6? Asking for me." Dave wrote on Twitter.

"FAFO- sounds like she's finally learning that actions have consequences. Learning that her white privilege has limits. But these "problems" are of her own doing and she needs to live with them. Trying to overthrow your govt. is kind of a big deal." A Twitter user said.

Although Bancroft's attorney claims her actions on January 6th "has already been punished in several real and permanent ways" it seems the consequences aren't all bad.

In May, Bancroft won the Doylestown borough, Pennsylvania GOP primary for committeewoman. According to the Doylestown Patch, Bancroft received 101 votes, just 11 more than her opponent.

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