Nadine Dorries trolls David Cameron by likening his new look to a 'ticket tout'

Nadine Dorries trolls David Cameron by likening his new look to a 'ticket tout'
Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries tells MPs she's 'amazed to learn' young people ...

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries roasted former prime minister David Cameron by likening him to a 'ticket tout'.

The former prime minister sparked a meme frenzy on Monday after being pictured wearing a plaid jacket at the Cocklebarrow races in Gloucestershire.

Poking fun at Cameron, some Twitter users said he looked like someone who would give you “a lot of unsolicited fruit machine advice”, while another suggested his garb made him look like a market trader.

Dorries went one step further.

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Tweeting on Monday afternoon, she reshared the picture of Cameron along with a message likening him to a ticket tout.

She wrote: “Whether it’s a major music festival, sporting event or concert, it's important that people pay a fair price to see the events they love. Please remain vigilant when considering to buy from ticket touts.”

Ticket touts buy and sell tickets for profit. Some touters “harvest” tickets using multiple identities, or “bots”, to scoop up large quantities of tickets before selling them on at a marked-up price.

The Mid Bedfordshire MP shared a link to further information on the FanFair Alliance’s website.

Dorries and her former boss Cameron have clashed before.

In 2012 she branded Cameron and then-Chancellor George Osborne “two arrogant posh boys” with “no passion to want to understand the lives of others”.

Later that year, she was suspended from the Tory party by then-leader Cameron after failing to declare the fee she was paid for taking part in I’m a Celebrity, thus breaching the MP’s code of conduct.

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