Newsmax host bizarrely compares Trump to Batman

<p>Spot the difference? According to a Newsmax host Donald Trump and Batman have a lot in common...</p>

Spot the difference? According to a Newsmax host Donald Trump and Batman have a lot in common...

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Donald Trump and Batman are the last two people you would expect to be put in the same sentence together.

But apparently not, according to Newsmax host Benny Johnson who has bizarrely tried to make comparisons between the two famous figures.

He begins by describing himself as an “enormous” fan of Batman, before going on a monologue about the “America’s finest superhero.”

After describing how Batman is “tough” and “has no special supernatural powers” Johnson says Bruce Wayne’s motivation is “simple and local” for wanting to stop petty crime in Gotham.

Then he begins to get political.

“Batman’s an outsider looking in; the corrupt political law enforcement establishment of Gotham hate him because they cannot control him. Outsiders tendency to see and solve problems that insiders cannot. They are by nature against the system, against the corruption of the establishment.

“This is what makes Batman iconic. He fights the corrupt establishment.”

Johnson then remarks: “Kind of reminds me of someone.”

The last thing we expected was for former President Donald Trump to be compared to a superhero, but here we are.

For starters one actually wears a mask when required...

The Newsmax host said: “Both Trump and Batman are rich, mysterious, unpredictable guys.”

But those qualities aren’t exactly unique in themselves.

“They own skyscrapers in Gotham. They have a cult-like hero status for throwing their privileged lives away and getting their hands dirty. Both have a helicopter and a plane.”

Perhaps, Johnson should look up the term “hero” before using it to describe the man who was banned from social media for inciting violence after the Capitol Insurrection in January.

“But it’s their outsider status that make them work,” he added, “They have not been part of the corrupt system, so they can see the problems. They can break the machine when it needs to be broken.”

“Break the machine” aka proclaim that a fair election is corrupt and then continuing to spread this misinformation, not exactly a superhero quality... more like the story arc of a villain.

People on Twitter also seemed to find the whole comparison hilarious.

Something tells us the former president doesn’t have a chance at being the next Batman.

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