Have we just travelled back in time? Because Nigel Farage has just called for Brexit, again

Have we just travelled back in time? Because Nigel Farage has just called for Brexit, again
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Take a look at the calendar. Yep, you got it right, it is really 2022. The Brexit referendum was six years ago, and Britain has been officially sans Europe for a couple of years.

So why on earth is Nigel Farage calling for Brexit, again?

Yes, Farage has really called for a policy that has already happened. Posting a story about lawyers opposing the government's controversial Rwanda plan, he blamed Johnson for keeping the UK in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which isn't what the story is about, and said: "Time for a proper Brexit".

Reminder: Britain left the EU on 31st January 2020, after years of tense negotiations and debates about whether to have a second referendum.

To make matters even more awkward for our Brexit loving friend, the ECHR isn't actually in the EU. It is part of the Council of Europe, which was founded after WWII to uphold human rights. The court serves that mission from a legal perspective. It was actually founded 73 years ago today.

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People provided a helpful fact-checking service to Nige:

His intervention comes as Johnson faces questions about the Rwanda plan, which seeks to displace immigrants deemed illegal by the UK to the African country for processing, asylum and resettlement. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday about it, the Prime Minister said: “It’s a great deal between two countries, each helping the other.

“Of course, there are going to be legal eagles, liberal lawyers, who will try to make this difficult to settle. We always knew this was going to happen, but it is a very, very sensible thing.

“If people are coming across the Channel illegally, and if they are, their lives are being put at risk by ruthless and unscrupulous gangsters, which is what is happening at the moment.”

He added: “You need a solution. And you need something that is going to say to those people, to those gangsters, ‘I’m sorry, but you can’t tell your customers, you can’t tell these poor people, that they’re just going to come to the UK, and they’re going to be lost in the system, because we’re going to find a way of making sure that they are going immediately to Rwanda.

“I think that’s a humane, compassionate and sensible thing to do. I’m not going to pretend to you that is going to be without legal challenges. I think I said that when I announced it, but we will get it done.”

Say what you like about Farage though, making everything about Brexit is a truly remarkable skill. But it is time for him to find something new to bang on about, we reckon.

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