There's a new slogan for Brexit

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The Chancellor Philip Hammond announced in Wednesday's Budget that he had set aside £3 billion over the next two years to prepare for Brexit.

This figure is on top of the £700m already saved in preparation for a possible "no deal" scenario.

The Chancellor also refused to rule out adding even more money to the Brexit pile:

And I stand ready to allocate further sums if and when needed. No one should doubt our resolve.

Some people have reacted to this news negatively, particularly those who oppose Brexit or want to see greater investment in public services, or who simply see the priorities of this Government as skewed.

The NHS was promised £1.6bn in extra funding next year, which is less than half asked for by the service to keep hospitals running.

The NHS was given £350m to see it through the winter, a far cry from the £350m a week asked for by its chief executive Simon Stevens and pledged by Brexit campaigners famously on the side of the Vote Leave campaign bus.

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Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said the money was:

disappearing down a Brexit black hole.

It tells you everything you need to know about this Government’s priorities that more funding has been found for Brexit than for our struggling NHS, schools and police.

Money that could have been invested hiring thousands of teachers and police officers is instead going to pay for a Tory Hard Brexit.

Meanwhile, the Government’s strategy remains so vague that we still don’t know what the final damage to our economy and living standards will be.

The Brexit Correspondent for Politico, Charlie Cooper, tweeted:

So we made one with photoshop.

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Suddenly we have a burning urge to vote for it, regardless of the consequences.

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